Financial Coach


Many people are walking around the UK without a solid savings plan. This is a huge mistake, especially since there is always a chance an emergency may occur. If you have been avoiding saving because it seems complicated, here are some easy financial advice tips from Abbey Financial Advice Belfast that can push you in the right direction.

Cook more often. The average person eats a takeout meal at least one per week. This number grows when the individual has a job and family life that is very demanding. The best way to get around this would be to spend your day off creating meals that can be frozen ahead and reheated during the week. This will help you save more money than you could have ever imagined.

Brew your own coffee. You probably don’t have one of those fancy machines that they use at the cafe down the street, but that is a small price to pay when you want to build up a financial padding. Instead of grabbing coffee on the go each morning, try making it at home. You can even buy syrups and other add-ons that will make you feel like you are having something super fancy.

Think before you buy. It is common for shoppers to grab things on impulse. As a result, they end up with an empty bank account and many items they do not particularly need or want. In order to avoid this problem, wait 24-48 hours before buying things that have caught your eye on online shopping sites like Fashion Ni. You will notice that more things stay on the shelf than ever before, which means less money spent.

It is not always necessary for you to panic if your finances are not as solid as you want, as financial coaching is very readily available at a reasonable cost when you know where to look, with popular services like Stevey J – Dublin Life Coaching Services, who can be contacted online.

Try using these ideas and you will have more money in the bank in no time, and begin building your savings with the best rates available.